Paul Heyman Says On Screen Alliance Did THIS WWE Star "No Favours"

Even Paul Heyman could see through WWE's plan for one of his old clients.

Cesaro Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman and Cesaro should've been gold together when WWE put the pair together back in 2014, but Paul E knows why it was doomed to fail.

The 'Special Council' (for Roman Reigns) told ITR that he always viewed Cesaro as a main event player. Unfortunately, he also knew that WWE's top brass didn't see things the same - Heyman was keenly aware that they only put him with the 'Swiss Superman' in the first place so he could brag about Brock Lesnar's win over The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.

That was literally the only reason.


Paul wasn't really there to help elevate Cesaro or move on from Brock. No, the package was designed to give Heyman ample mic time on weekly television to talk about Lesnar breaking 'Taker's streak. Looking back, Paul believes that managing Cesaro did the wrestler "no favours in terms of showcasing his talents".

WWE's booking wasn't supposed to.


Brock was off TV, so Heyman needed another worker to represent. Cesaro just happened to be in the right place at the right time (as far as WWE were concerned). Paul E doesn't look back on their union too fondly.

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