Paul Heyman Says THIS Wrestler "Wouldn't Be A Disgrace" As WWE Champ

Could this unlikely star become WWE Champion someday? Paul Heyman thinks so.

Logan Paul

Paul Heyman has claimed celeb-turned-wrestler Logan Paul "wouldn't be a disgrace" as WWE World Champion.

The manager/promoter/announcer extraordinaire told Corey Graves on 'After The Bell' that Paul certainly wouldn't end up in the same category as former WCW World Champ David Arquette. That experiment, Heyman says, was a nightmare for all concerned - he could see LP being a rip-roaring success by comparison.

Paul E pointed to just how seriously Logan has been taking his WWE bookings thus far. Singles matches against both The Miz and Roman Reigns have been very well-worked, and that isn't all down to how slick both veterans are between the ropes either.


No, in Heyman's mind, Paul deserves credit for training his butt off and knowing he had to get serious if he wanted to prove he belonged in WWE's world. Despite the critical acclaim for both bouts though, some quarters of the pro wrestling world would scoff if Triple H dared to put a World Title on Logan.

Heyman understands why, but doesn't think it'd be anywhere near as crappy as those folks might expect. If anything, he reckons LP could handle the pressure.

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