Paul Heyman To Train UFC Champion Jon Jones' Promos?

Plus, video of Jones outrageous press conference brawl yesterday!

Paul Heyman has been contacted to help Jon Jones learn promo skills, reports Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. Jones is the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He's MMA's top franchise star and the best pound for pound fighter in the sport. However, he has had problems with his personality, leading to many fans despising him. In some ways he is very similar to WWE Champion John Cena, a guy who should be liked, but who ends up loathed. Jones' monotone interview style hasn't helped, which is where Paul Heyman comes into the picture. Heyman is one of the greatest promoters in pro wrestling history. He's got a great brain for getting value out of limited characters. In addition to this, as an on-air WWE personality, Heyman understands how to cut a compelling promo. He excels at using charisma and teases to get reactions from the audience. The hope would be that he will instil these qualities into Jones. Heyman is well known to the UFC, attending several events from 2008 to 2011. In that period, Heyman was helping to manage Brock Lesnar, who became UFC's greatest pay per view draw of all time. Maybe he can rub a little of that Heyman magic off on Jon Jones. There's no suggestion that Heyman would leave WWE for this role. As of now, all we know from Meltzer is that Heyman is seen as someone who could help Jones with his showmanship. Jones however shouldn't have any problem selling his next fight. Watch below as an outrageous pull apart brawl breaks out at a UFC media appearance this week. Jones will fight Daniel Cormier on September 27th at UFC 178. The early fireworks are sure to earn both men company fines - in addition to a much bigger box office draw!
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