Paul Wight Set For Bigger Role In AEW?

AEW chief Tony Khan on Paul Wight, whose run has been blighted by injuries.

Paul Wight AEW

AEW founder and CEO Tony Khan would like to do more with injury-plagued giant Paul Wight in the promotion.

Khan said as much during a recent on My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox. Calling the former Big Show an "awesome presence in pro wrestling", he noted, unfortunately, that Paul hasn't always been healthy during his time in AEW, though he believes Wight has a great future ahead of him regardless.

Said Tony (h/t

"Paul, seeing him up and around has been great. Paul Wight is such an awesome presence in pro wrestling and when he's healthy, and can be on the shows again, you know, I want to feature Paul. Unfortunately, a lot of his time in AEW has been hurt. He's great on commentary when he's been able to travel. I think that's something, he has a great future quite frankly. I think he's worked really, really hard at it and deserves opportunities there. So I have a lot of great things to say about Paul Wight."

Wight has worked primarily as a broadcaster since coming into AEW in February 2021, when it was announced he would serve a dual role as an announcer and part-time wrestler. In-ring opportunities have since been few and far between. Owing to the aforementioned issues, Wight has worked only four AEW bouts to date, with all but a three-minute victory over QT Marshall airing on YouTube series Dark: Elevation.

The 50-year-old's last match was a straightforward squash victory on Elevation's 4 April episode.

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