Pentagon Jr. And Fenix To Join AEW

Pair accept handshake agreement at Hell or High Water event.

Penta Ray Fenix Aew

Well it's official: the Lucha Brothers are heading to AEW.

It had previously been widely reported that MLW's Pentagón Jr. and Fenix had both been offered sizeable contracts with Shahid Khan's startup promotion, and the pair seemed to publicly confirm their migration at last night's Hell or High Water show in Atlanta.

The Young Bucks were in ring to proposition the Mexican stars, who after a moment of consideration each offered their hand for the deal:


At present, it's not known when we can expect the duo to alight in AEW, or whether the move will interfere with their MLW and Impact Wrestling commitments. Fenix and Pentagón currently hold World Tag Team Championship belts in both promotions; they claimed Impact's version just last month, besting the Latin American Xchange during the company's tapings in Mexico.


AEW ringer Chris Jericho Tweeted in response to the news of Fenix and Pentagón's imminent arrival, unfavourably comparing them to Mexican wrestling legends Bestia Salvaje, Negro Casas and Emilio Charles. That is to say, "things were better in my day, you young rapscallions!"


As ever, check back for more details as they emerge.

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