Photo Of Unique AEW Dynamite Cruise Set REVEALED

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AEW Cruise
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Look at that.

As revealed by Twitter user Ryan Clark, it's pro wrestling, on a cruise ship, and Chris Jericho is about to fight a dinosaur on a boat. The idea of Dynamite taking place at sea promised a certain, undefinable wrestling magic, and this early image is an indication that AEW have delivered.

The matches are set to take place on the deck of the ship, making the unique locale immediately, beautifully obvious. The skyline promises an even more beautiful roof than that of Madison Square Garden, provided it isn't pitch black of course, but the lack of an actual roof is concerning. Current weather reports suggest there is no imminent threat of rain, but AEW has sucked the odd thumb in a barrel of t*ts, what with last-minute changes affecting key matches across its first two pay-per-view events.

It might be a perspective thing, but there doesn't seem to be too much space between the ring and the guardrail which, given the AEW roster's fondness for a dive or two, might result in the odd dead leg. Scheduled matches include PAC vs. Jon Moxley, SCU vs. Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, and of course Le Captain Chris Jericho, Santana & Ortiz vs. Jurassic Express.

WWE has counter-programmed AEW at virtually every turn, so here's hoping WWE runs a pay-per-view from Vince McMahon's Sexy Bitch yacht in response.

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