Photograph Of WWE Writer's Contract Leaked On Reddit

Ever wondered what a short-term WWE creative contract looks like?


Reddit user Just_Joey recently leaked a photograph of the WWE writer's contract he was offered this past February.

Had Joey accepted the deal, then he would've started as a temporary member of the creative team on 13 April 2020. The contract's end date was 31 July, and Joey explained on Reddit that WWE had stipulated a "trial period" of employment first.

Some parts of the contract (one the would-be writer had framed) were blanked out, but it's still fascinating to read through some of WWE's terminology.


The terms of Joey's contract specified that he'd work 40 hours per week. Further, as a "temporary employee", he wouldn't have been "eligible for medical benefits, paid time off (including paid company holidays), vacation, personal days and sick days, or any similar benefits afforded to regular employees".

WWE's deal also included an "at will" clause that meant neither the company nor the employee himself could end the agreement "at any time, for any or no reason".


Joey said he turned WWE's offer down, but will keep a framed copy of the contract as a token reminder of their interest in his services.

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