Plans Revealed For Cancelled Chris Jericho AEW Rivalry

The Wizard was at one point due to feud with this promising AEW star.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry

While last week's AEW Dynamite saw Action Andretti get a shock win over Chris Jericho, it's now been revealed that AEW initially had similar plans for another upcoming talent.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how AEW had at one point planned to have Jungle Boy pick up a surprise win over Jericho back in 2020. The former Jungle Express man would've got an upset victory over the veteran, which would've led to a feud between the pair.

From what Meltzer said, it was seemingly Jericho's call to cancel these plans, with Le Champion unkeen to pull the trigger on this at a time when fans weren't allowed into arenas. By the time that fans were permitted to attend shows again, the feeling was that Jungle Boy was an established talent at that point, and so a win over Jericho wouldn't have been as shocking as it once would've been.


Jungle Boy and the Wizard did lock horns in singles action back in December 2019, with that bout ending in a time limit draw on an episode of Dynamite. While the pair have since squared off in a handful of tag bouts, they've yet to tussle in singles competition again.

Where things go from here for Action Andretti and Chris Jericho remains to be seen, though with the relatively unknown 24-year-old having now officially signed with AEW, it would seem that the Ocho will be out for revenge on the rookie who embarrassed him last week.

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