Possible Concussion At WWE TLC 2019

Star suffered potential serious injury in main event.

Kairi Sane Charlotte TLC 2019

The Kabuki Warriors' Kairi Sane suffered a possible concussion in the main event of last night's TLC pay-per-view.

According to Bryan Alvarez reporting for F4Wonline, Sane was checked backstage following the show, after spending the closing of the match incapacitated. She suffered numerous heavy bumps throughout the eponymous contest, which was ultimately won by herself and Asuka.

It's understood at this stage that she incurred a concussion during proceedings.

WWE medics were alerted to the fact that Sane's movement seemed impaired as the match went on, notably when she didn't bump correctly on a Charlotte spear. It's not know exactly when Sane picked up the injury, though the blow seems to have come when she was hit in the head as monitors were sent flying around the ring.

The incident in question can be seen below:

An official diagnosis on Sane's condition won't be known until Monday ahead of Raw.

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