Possible Name For Next WWE Saudi Arabia Event Leaked

If only they could turn back time on this whole sorry deal.

Wwe Sands Of Time

WWE's next depressing venture to Saudi Arabia will place on 7 June, but as yet the inevitably miserable show does not have a name.

At the moment, the event is tentatively listed as 'WWE PPV Jeddah', which admittedly is an improvement on the grammatically stretched Greatest Royal Rumble and blatantly testicular Crown Jewel. Of course, the company have plenty of time to come up with a terribly lame moniker, with whispers from @Wrestlevotes suggesting they already have one in mind:

'WWE Sands of Time'.



Where do you start with that? Well, let's get the obvious joke out of the way: It's pretty flippin' apt given the average age of the billed roster looks set to be about 50. It'll also become the first WWE PPV to be named for a Prince of Persia game, and like the title's eponymous gimmick, the company might be wishing they could perhaps turn back time on this whole sorry deal.


Or at least, given their inherent avarice, invert the hourglass on historic performers such as Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and Bret Hart for the Jeddah junket.

Sadly, chronological manipulation is beyond Vince McMahon's control, and it'll probably just be another dreadful night in the history of this great sport. We can then look forward to WWE: Warrior Within this October.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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