Potential Spoiler For WWE Crown Jewel Surprise Appearance

Is THIS major star set to make an appearance in Saudi Arabia?

Shane McMahon Crown Jewel

Remember when the internet's favourite WWE personality, Shane McMahon, inserted himself into last year's Crown Jewel World Cup final, besting Dolph Ziggler to claim the trophy and title of 'Best in the World'?

There's a chance we could get a repeat at tomorrow's event.

As pointed out by Twitter user @OGhalayini (via @HeelByNatureYT), Shane was spotted arriving in Riyadh alongside his father the other day:-

Heel By Nature then posed the question of Shane involving himself in the event, leading to the speculation. Take it with the usual pinch of salt.

Crown Jewel 2019's World Cup match is a nine-team tag team turmoil bout featuring tandems like the Viking Raiders, New Day, Revival, and, Heavy Machinery. McMahon being inserted into the match is a very real possibility, with Elias (who doesn't have a match at Crown Jewel) his likeliest partner, though the former 'Drifter' has been missing from WWE television since early September.

Shane was seemingly written off SmackDown after losing to Kevin Owens' on the blue brand's FOX debut on 4 October. Not that it's like WWE to break "loser leaves town" stipulations, though it's only a matter of time before he shows up again.

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