Potential Spoiler On Goldberg's WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Opponent

Who will the former WCW Champion face in Saudi Arabia?

Goldberg Bray Wyatt

It looks like 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt is the current clubhouse leader in the race to face the returning Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown on 27 February.

The source of this chatter is Dave Meltzer who, on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, noted that Wyatt was "the only person it could realistically be," though he conceded that nothing was set in stone at the time of recording.

King Corbin was also discussed as a potential Goldberg opponent as he certainly fits the bill as a scumbag heel for the returning veteran to Spear out of his boots.


Goldberg's return was confirmed on this week's Raw, with the former WCW Champion set to feature on SmackDown this coming Friday. That's when we'll learn "who's next" for big bad Bill, apparently, with the 53-year-old seemingly set for another big Saudi Arabian payday.

Wyatt sounds like a sensible option for WWE. Beating Goldberg would be a considerable feather in 'The Fiend's' cap, as WWE's resident bad*ss old man is still a big name and a massive scalp for any wrestler to claim, and the company may see it as the ideal fill-in Universal Championship defence for Wyatt ahead of WrestleMania 36 (and, presumably, Roman Reigns).

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