Potential SPOILERS On Paige's New WWE SmackDown Tag Team

Caution: NXT taping spoilers lie within.

Io Shirai Kairi Sane Sky Pirates

Former General Manager Paige returned to SmackDown this week, promising to unleash a new women's tag team on the nascent division in the near future - a development that may have been spoiled on this week's NXT TV tapings.

Sane wrestled NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler at Full Sail University. The stipulation dictated that if Sane lost, she'd be banned from ever challenging for the belt again, and lose she did. An interference from tag partner Io Shirai prompted the disqualification, and a post-match beatdown with Baszler and the Four Horsewomen forced Shirai to watch while they battered Sane followed.

Afterwards, 'The Pirate Princess' bowed at the top of the ramp. She received a standing ovation, and it was presented in a way that suggested she was on her way out of developmental.

If Sane is leaving, it makes sense that Shirai would follow with her. Both are already among the best women's wrestlers in the world. They need no further seasoning, and having Paige as manager would compensate for their lack of spoken English, which would be a major hurdle on the main roster.

We won't know for sure until next week's SmackDown, but The Sky Pirates would be a logical call-up.

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