Predicting Every NXT Entrant In WWE Royal Rumble 2020

These NXT stars could make their names in the Royal Rumble, but could any of them win?


This year saw NXT officially leave behind the developmental branding and standing equal with RAW and SmackDown as a main roster show. Since then, we've seen one of the best Survivor Series shows in years, which helped make household names of some members of the gold and black brand. And this year's Royal Rumble is offering another chance for stars to step forward into the spotlight.

While we've had some members of NXT showing up in the Royal Rumble in previous years, this is the first time that they'll be entering on an equal footing with the other shows. Ten numbers in each Rumble have likely been set aside for members of the Full Sail roster. Who will step forward and grab Vince's brass ring? Who will call on their teammates to help them get further? Who will cheaply eliminate their allies? Whose return from injury will pop the crowd? Who will save themselves from elimination in a ridiculously athletic fashion?

Here are the NXT stars we reckon will enter the 2020 Royal Rumble, what they'll do when they're in there, and which one has a chance of winning.


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