Predicting The Next 5 NXT Champions

Who will be the next generation of champs?


NXT has long been referred to as the superior show when it comes to WWE's weekly programming. Featuring a roster mixed of big names from the indy circuit and some Performance Centre-trained stars, NXT overshadows its bigger brother at almost everything. Whether it's the TakeOver specials or the phenomenal matches and simple yet effective storylines, the main WWE superstars always fail in comparison to their counterparts. It's obvious to see just how much work has gone in to making NXT what it is today compared to what it was originally set up to be: a reality show.

The NXT Championship is the biggest prize to be won in the developmental brand. Having been held by guys who are now huge on the main roster, like Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, everyone signed to NXT is desperate to be added to that elite list of names. Obviously not everyone will, considering some of the names that are floating around down there at the moment. Don't get your hopes up on a Cezar Bononi or a Fabian Aichner title victory happening any time soon.

But we can all hope that at least some of the bigger names get their hands on the championship one day...


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