Predicting What EVERY WWE Superstar Will Do At WrestleMania 35

Finest moments and final bows on The Grandest Stage?


We're on the Road To WrestleMania! But don't let that facetious exclamation mark fool you - the excitement is as real as WWE want it to be.

How could it be anything else? The Royal Rumble wasn't perfect but wasn't putrid, and the follow-up edition of Monday Night Raw left most fans at a fever pitch for the 'Show Of Shows'. The task ahead for the company now is to build Michael Cole-sized momentum for the entire roster, not just the elite few with their tickets already punched.

Just how will the company slot in SmackDown Live's rank-and-file in to the 'Showcase Of The Immortals?'. How many from Raw will step out on the 'Grandest Stage'?

There's a number of key singles and tag talents that need slotting in, which is just one of the reasons the 205 Live crew have been omitted from this list. To paraphrase Paul Heyman, here's a spoiler rather than a prediction - Buddy Murphy will defend the Cruiserweight Championship against one or more of the superlative options available to him, as he always does, and their awesome match will be mostly forgotten as the broadcast goes off the air.

As for the rest of the men and women of the main roster, it's all to play for...


We Need To Talk About Kevin (Nash). Michael can be found in articles or on podcasts extolling the virtues of New Generation WWF, New Japan Pro Wrestling or the new WWE angle they definitely definitely won’t ruin this time.