Predicting Where EVERY NJPW Wrestler Will Be In 5 Years Time

Will Kenny Omega, Cody, and The Young Bucks FINALLY jump ship?

The Golden Elite WWE

The next few months are going to be very, very interesting for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

All Elite Wrestling's potential formation is a withstandable hit. Yes, they'll lose several top gaijin stars, and yes the ongoing United States expansion will suffer, but NJPW are nowhere near as reliant on The Elite as Ring Of Honor. The strength of their homegrown roster should carry them if Kenny Omega and co. leave in early 2019, though their talent pool will be left with several notable holes to plug.

NJPW remains wrestling's coolest product, and while the US shows did disappointing business in 2018, the upcoming G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden sold out minutes after going on sale. This, coupled with the record revenue figures posted in September, shows the promotion's surge is still ongoing, and this is largely down to master booker Gedo and the continued excellence with which he manoeuvres an incredible roster.

Traditionally low personnel turnover and slower, more methodical booking makes NJPW's next five years easier to predict than WWE's. An Elite-led exodus this January could change that, but the company's coffers are stocked with enough awesome performers to safeguard their future...

73. Juice Robinson

The Golden Elite WWE

Remember when this guy was CJ Parker? What a turnaround.

Prediction: Upper-midcarder, several IWGP United States and Intercontinental Title reigns deep, having rejected a WWE return.


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