Predicting Where EVERY WWE Superstar Will Be In 5 Years Time

Can anyone replace Roman Reigns as 'The Guy'? Will The Undertaker EVER retire?!

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Five years is simultaneously a long time and no time at all in WWE.

There are few similarities between today's upper-midcard/main event scene and that of 2013, and vast swathes of new talent walk through the Performance Center's doors constantly, meaning WWE's myriad of brands are never short of fresh blood. Conversely, the company don't generally cull deadwood like they used to, and the abundance nostalgic banter matches between wrestlers who peaked over a decade ago mean your old childhood favourites never really go away. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Though it's hard to say what WWE will look like five years from now, the promotion will almost certainly still be the industry's indomitable market leaders in 2023. NJPW and ROH are on the rise, but WWE's position is secure, and it'd take a cataclysmic event to topple them.

What's less secure is their roster. WWE's talent pool isn't as volatile as it used to be, but the next half-decade will bring countless changes at every single level. Let's take a stab at how things might pan out for the men and women of Raw and SmackDown...

118. Bray Wyatt

WWE Roster

Talk of a post-Deleters Of Worlds reboot have hushed, leaving Wyatt's immediate WWE future up in the air. He'll likely stick around, plumbing the depths with a character that jumped the shark a long time ago for the next five years. Can't wait.

Prediction: Same old Bray...

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