Predicting Who Holds Every WWE Title NEXT

So, million dollar question. Who’s getting every single WWE belt next?

Brock Lesnar Jade Cargill CM Punk

Triple H has some big-time, WrestleMania-worthy decisions to make over the next 3-4 months.

Who wins each Royal Rumble will be massive, because that'll clue fans in on exactly who's likely to hold the promotion's top belts for much of 2024. Or, over the course of the summer at least. What about all of the other championships though? They're just as valid, and they also deserve some serious thought.

Star-making wins await for some straps, then there's another set that'll surely vanish from screens when 'The Game' realises just how useless they are. Other titles could be split for the first time in a while too - that'd open things up across Raw and SmackDown again, and give hardworking midcarders something to strive for.

Everyone badly needs that, because the current lineup of champs on Friday nights isn't doing much to sell blue brand telly as must see weekly fare. A shakeup in the trophy cabinet would solve that problem almost overnight.

Are these men and women the next champs-in-the-making? WWE better think long and hard about crowning one of them especially, otherwise they might have a riot on their hands!

13. NXT North American Title

Brock Lesnar Jade Cargill CM Punk

Current: Dominik Mysterio

Next: Baron Corbin

Never mind 'Bad News Barrett', it's 'Bad News Baron'!

WWE might quietly take the North American belt from Dominik Mysterio and hand it to one of the midcard glut on NXT, but this fan can see them throwing Baron Corbin a bone by crowning him the new champ. It'd be totally out of left field, but the North American Title isn't the most important anyway.

If nothing else, this would keep Corbin around on the third brand and then eventually let him elevate somebody underneath to a higher level. Basically, his job would be to get a fledgling NXT star ready for the main roster. This is your mission, Baron, if you choose to accept it.


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