Prices For WWE Star Brock Lesnar's "First Ever Private Signing" Revealed

Want Brock Lesnar's autograph, or a belt signed? Prepare to stump up the cash!

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been announced for his "first ever private signing".

The WWE man will appear in conjunction with Fiterman Sports on 28 October in League City, Texas. WWE inked a deal with Fiterman in February, and subsequently named them the official autograph partner for company stars. This is a rare chance for fans to get items signed by 'The Beast'.

Anyone who wants Brock's signature will have to stump up the cash though.


Standard autographs cost $199. If you want a wrestling belt or ringside chair signed, then it'll cost $249. There's also a premium option available - it'll be a cool $499 to have Lesnar put ink on a WWE/UFC/NFL trading card, or an event ticket stub.

Fiterman's Twitter post promoting the event also noted that they'll accept "oversized items" if they're mailed in ahead of time.


Brock hasn't been seen on WWE TV since losing a 'Last Man Standing' match to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam in late-July. He's rumoured for Crown Jewel next month, and could also appear at Day 1 and/or Royal Rumble in January.

Before those dates, Lesnar will rake in some autograph dollars.

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