Randy Orton Corpses As Baron Corbin Breaks Throne On WWE Raw

The Viper couldn't hide a chuckle at King Corbin's expense.

Randy Orton Baron Corbin laughing

Raw was all serious business last night, as it kicked off its so-called season premiere with a fresh look, a fresh commentary team, and a fresh new focus. We saw the returns of Bobby Lashley and Lana, Seth Rollins meet Rusev, and - to the amusement of nobody - Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair announced as coaches for an ostensible Survivor Series match at the second Crown Jewel.

However, there was at least one laugh out loud moment from the latter segment. After joining Randy Orton in the ring as he challenged Seth for his Universal Championship, the King returned to his throne on the ramp - only to fall flat through it.

Those in attendance could spot Corbin's royal parallel Jerry Lawler in absolute stitches at the mishap, whilst Randy Orton - quite rightly - cracked up alongside him.


As you might imagine, The Viper's eruption of giggles was not broadcast on television.


Corbin and his sniggering second will be part of Ric Flair's team come Crown Jewel, with Orton as captain. Rollins and a newly redeemed Rusev are the only two people announced for the opposite team.

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Editorial Team

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