Randy Orton Teases AEW Move

Either that, or this is some Elite Level trolling.

Instagram, @randyorton

Could Randy Orton be the next big defectee from WWE to AEW in the, erm, Wednesday Night Wars? If you're to believe his recent Instagram shenanigans, the answer is a firm "definitely maybe".

The Viper snapped a photo of himself gurning next to an elevator plaque reading "Elite level", accompanied with the caption: "tick tock tick tock". Tagged in the post are AEW stars Chris Jericho and Cody, plus wantaway WWE talent The Revival and Luke Harper and injured superstars Riddick Moss and Elias.

Oh, and where was this elevator? AEW's home of Jacksonville, Florida.


The AEW champ replied, telling Orton he'd see what he could do if he sent in "a tape and some pix."


The tick-tock business seems to be a direct reference to The Revival and Harper waiting out the length of their contracts. Extra was added on to the latter's to make up for the time he missed recuperating from wrist surgery.

There's obviously an implicit suggestion over the contract status of the injured Elias - who was verbally buried by Stephanie McMahon on WWE's recent draft - and Riddick Moss, who returned to action last December.


A few weeks back, Orton sweet-talked AEW whilst live-streaming from his gaming account, describing the company as "f*ckin' cool".

He further added that he'd "love" to work with Sammy Guevara.

A fire with smoke - or just Orton playing master troll?

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