Randy Orton & Tony Khan Start Heated Twitter Feud

Saudi Arabia barbs, corruption allegations, and more...


Trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers last night as AEW President Tony Khan, Randy Orton, and CM Punk got into it on the social media platform.

It started with the new WWE Backstage correspondent working Khan into responding by tagging him in the following tweet designed to hype his new gig and antagonist the AEW head honcho:-


Khan then went for the easiest response imaginable: a Saudi Arabia jab. Low-hanging fruit? Definitely, but effective:-


We then got an attempted bodying by Randy Orton, who dragged up a year-old article on Tony's father, Shahid Khan, being investigated for corruption, leading to a TKO on the RKO:-


That last line though.

Regardless of who "won," who "lost," and who got bodied in the end, this is all tremendous fun, particularly given the recent history between these three men.

Punk reportedly turned down an AEW contract after talks with Khan, having previously chastised the promotion for texting him an offer. Orton, meanwhile, teased fans with a series of Elite trolls prior to signing his latest WWE contract, as Tony pointed out in his final tweet.

It'll be interesting to see if Punk has any veiled barbs relating to this exchange on tonight's Backstage.

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