Randy Orton: WWE Star Is "Well Aware He Has A Large Head"

WWE comeback king Randy Orton says one of his peers knows he's "built different".

JD McDonagh

Randy Orton has joked that fellow WWE star JD McDonagh is "very well aware that he has a large head". The pair apparently shared that conversation backstage when Randy met McDonagh for the first time before working with him at Survivor Series: WarGames.

Comeback king Orton told Logan Paul's 'IMPAULSIVE' podcast that Judgment Day man JD is just "built different". He was discussing the phenomenal RKO from WarGames with Paul when LP described McDonagh as "the bobblehead guy".



Randy didn't disagree with that, and instead went into an anecdote about sharing a laugh and a joke with McDonagh about his appearance behind the curtain. It's important to note that all of this was just gentle ribbing - these guys all get along, and Orton's respect for the bump JD took at Survivor Series shone through.


It was one of the most memorable RKOs ever, which is really saying something. Both Seth Rollins and Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal) took spectacular bumps in the past, but McDonagh might've just topped them with his effort.

Since then, Randy has moved to SmackDown exclusively. It looks like his beef with Judgment Day is over for now.

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