Randy Orton's New WWE T-Shirt Is MUST SEE

WWE's merchandise department is fully on board with Randy Orton's recent claims.

Randy Orton Daddy's Back T-Shirt

WWE's merch team has capitalised on Randy Orton's latest catchphrase by making a brand new t-shirt available for pre-order via WWE Shop.

The design is simple: It's a standard black tee with "RKO" emblazoned on the upper left on the front and a loud and proud, "DADDY'S BACK" across the upper back. It's no surprise that WWE Shop decided to release this, to be honest - Randy telling Rhea Ripley that "Daddy's Home" on Raw earned a huge response from fans, but he's since tweaked that to "Daddy's Back".


Orton used the new catchphrase on Friday's episode of SmackDown. There, he inked a deal to appear on the blue brand exclusively, and told The Bloodline to inform Roman Reigns that he's coming for him. Of course, Randy uttered the popular new "Daddy's Back" line again.

Surely, this t-shirt will shift some units. It's unclear exactly when it'll be fully available, but WWE is typically on the ball with these things so it'll almost certainly be out long before Christmas.


Who had Orton returning and calling himself "Daddy" on their late-2023 prediction lists? Anyone? It's happening.

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