Ranking Every 2019 WWE Draft Pick So Far From Worst To Best

Who are the big winners and losers from the first four rounds of 2019's Draft?

Stephanie McMahon WWE Draft

Anyone hoping for a repeat of the 2002 Draft's majestic Vince McMahon and Ric Flair battle would've been sorely disappointed by the first leg of 2019's version. Rather than warring authority figures trying to outdo one another, WWE had Stephanie McMahon reveal which wrestlers FOX and the USA Network wanted.

Yes, the TV channels SmackDown and Raw are on were in kayfabe charge.

Steph seemed to follow the same list fans had already read via too, meaning the entire humdrum exercise of her four 'drum roll please' appearances on Friday's show became mind-numbing, predictable and fairly pointless. What good was drama or suspense once it became clear that McMahon was reading a .com print out people could get in full at the click of a button?

Weirdly, Raw was given three picks for every two from SmackDown as well (something to do with it being there hours long, as if that should matter), and that meant the red brand dominated the first 20 by 13-7. Here they all are, ranked from worst to best before WWE stage a return leg on Monday's Raw...


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