Ranking Every Current WWE Belt Design From Worst To Best

There are a LOT of Championships in WWE right now. Which one looks the best?

WWE United States Title 2020

It's bizarre how a title's design can have such a huge impact on its credibility in the eyes of the fans. When John Cena introduced the spinner belt in 2005, it took the WWE Championship from a glorious belt bestowed upon the top guy in the company and brought it more in line with a tacky toy. Even though we all managed to get used to it in the end through WWE's sheer persistence, when The Rock threw it out in 2013, nobody was very upset.

Cut to 2020 and WWE's championship lineup is in a weird spot. Most of their belts are simply fine, though many criticise them for looking more like they were built as another opportunity for WWE to market their corporate logo rather than to sell someone as a champion. In fairness to WWE, they also have some excellent designs in their current ranks (including one that genuinely ranks among the best of all time) but then again, they also have some of the worst.

Based purely on aesthetics and not the shoddy booking that can ruin a title's prestige, which current WWE belt looks the best?

16. 24/7 Championship

WWE United States Title 2020

There's no hiding it: the 24/7 Championship looks awful.

WWE have prided themselves for years on making all of their Championships look like highly valuable items. Though this does still create some weak designs, generally their Championships at least look as though they actually took time to craft.

Not with the 24/7 Championship.

This belt just looks tatty when compared to the rest of WWE's line up. It seems like the designers whipped out a pen and drew up a plan in 30 seconds before going off for an early lunch. The front plate looks like a gaudy vinyl disc while the strap is a bizarre green that just reinforces the title as the ugly duckling of the WWE lineup. The belt's look almost relegates it instantly to comedy fodder for wrestlers, and that is exactly what it has been known for ever since it first appeared on our screens last year.

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