Ranking Every CWC Round 2 Match - From Worst To Best

Classic is the word.

Even though this year's SummerSlam may have been a fairly middling PPV (to be kind), it's fair to say that NXT and the WWE Cruiserweight Classic are providing plenty of thrilling match-ups to compensate.

After seven weeks of fast-paced mayhem, the CWC's first two rounds are done with, leaving just seven matches to be played until the outright winner is determined on September 14th.

Round 2 served up yet more consistently strong technical and high-flying wrestling, with two legitimately great contests, one of which fans will certainly be talking about for months, if not years.

And what's more? So many of these brilliant talents have already been scooped up for Raw's upcoming Cruiserweight division. What's not to like? Not every match can be a Ciampa vs. Gargano, but the standard of quality on the whole here completely wipes the floor with the WWE's mainline output.


Here is every CWC Round 2 match ranked from worst to best...

8. Noam Dar Vs. Hoho Lun

Result: Dar locks in a Knee Bar for the win (7:02).

Rating: It wasn't easy to be excited about this one given that neither Dar nor Lun gave massively impressive performances in Round 1, with Lun especially catching a ton of heat online for being "green". Still, the two put on a solid performance even if it couldn't really live up to the superior fleet of matches in Round 2, and the match was smartly kept shorter than every other match in this round.


The pair clearly struggled to take things to the next level, but it was certainly decent enough, if not much more. Dar will need to step up his game if he wants to impress against Zack Sabre Jr. in the next round. 6/10


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