Ranking Every MVP Of Every Major Wrestling Company

This isn't a question of who is the best: who is INDISPENSABLE to your favourite promotion?

Lee South/AEW

This isn't a list meant to determine the best pro wrestler in each major company.

Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler on WWE's main roster. The man got a good and halfway convincing match out of the Fiend at Survivor Series by conspiring to nearly put an unkillable monster away with his vicious, precise, and expertly-timed ambushes.

NXT is positively loaded with incredible talent. Adam Cole has fused state-of-the-art work that can't draw traditional heat, because it's so exhilarating, with such slimy escapology that he does in fact get babyfaces over as babyfaces. Johnny Gargano's way of structuring a match feels...easy, on the surface, what with the excessive kick-outs, but the emotion enhances everything with proper working substance.

Kenny Omega is AEW's best in-ring worker by some distance. An athlete beyond the level of near everybody industry-wide, he is also a storytelling genius. Ahead of his World Tag Team Championship win this week, he requested of SCU a "gentleman's contest" to soothe tensions backstage after Hangman Page spilled alcohol over Christopher Daniels. Kazarian did not forget, and dropped Page directly onto his head in the match. Omega, furious at his code being broken, landed stiff kicks to Kazarian's head. The complexity to his work is tremendous.

They are not critical to each company's present/future fortunes...

N.B. - CMLL in particular is a major promotion, racking up deeply impressive attendances as part of a longstanding tradition of weekly Friday night shows, but a lucha knowledge gap omits it and AAA here.

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