Ranking Every Night Two WWE 2019 Draft Pick From Worst To Best

Spoiler alert: Universal Champ Seth Rollins doesn't even make the Top 10...

Those phoney 'War Room' reactions, the bungled 'Pools' that ended up being Stephanie McMahon's on-air script (at least for most of SmackDown) and the crippling sense of tedium mixed with a lack of star power made the 2019 Draft rough.

Across 50 televised picks between Raw and SmackDown, Steph tried to inject things with a little bit of character, but it was a losing battle. People just want WWE to put on a better product, not shuffle pieces around on a board under the guise of some real sports presentation. Unfortunately, that's what they did, and they ended up with a Draft every bit as unexciting as the NFL's version beyond those first few announcements.

The first part of this multi-part list ranked every Draft choice WWE made on Friday Night SmackDown. This is the second, and it's 10 superstars deeper than the last one. So, sit back, relax and examine the effectiveness of the latest Superstar Shake...erm...WWE Draft; it's worth noting that this only looks at picks made on Raw. Other, supplemental ones, are treated with the same unimportance WWE has shown them.

Who's going where, which picks are worth caring about and why are some pretty dumb? Read on to find out...


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