Ranking Every Raw Vs SmackDown WWE Survivor Series Match From Worst To Best

Brand Warfare subsumes the 'Thanksgiving Classic'


Bragging Rights was a ridiculous concept, even during an era when Vince McMahon's concept show kink hadn't ever been more apparent.

With the promise of winning a truly ugly trophy that made less appearances than either of Ross Gellar's kids in Friends after the fact, heels and babyfaces from both shows decided they weren't on a break after all and bandied together for the good of provincial pride in a seven on seven battle. If it sounds cumbersome in planning, it's because it was even worse than that in practice.

Worse still, the show came a month before the Survivor Series. Bragging Rights only took place twice, and in both 2009 and 2010, McMahon publicly acknowledged that he'd be happy to bin off one of his Big Four classics because the idea apparently no longer drew on pay-per-view. This, despite delivering a laboured version of it just 30 days earlier.

Happily, the mad old mill-billionaire found new fortunes in 2016 after splitting his rosters back up and mimicking the only interesting thing about Bragging Rights for the good of the Thanksgiving Classic. Pitting both brands against one another often made for illogical and infuriating television, but the pay-per-views have thus far been fantastic.

Yet again, a magic formula was found by total chance. But why not luxuriate in it all the same, eh? They certainly do...


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