Ranking EVERY Royal Rumble WWE Championship Match From Worst To Best

The worst and best of the Royal Rumble rest...


Royal Rumble title matches are often brilliantly deployed as throwaways in disguise - the types of matches you don't realise are largely meaningless until after they've happened, and more power to them. With an entire company strapped in on the Road To WrestleMania and at least 30 performers entering a big battle royal to headline it, it makes sense not to waste a top guy on a title match that doesn't need to be end-of-the-world exciting.

It's not an exact science of course. The Rumble has provided payoffs and big name battles over the years too, but with only certain exceptions (the titular "Worst" that anchor the bottom end of this very list), the lack of pressure tends to proffer a positive atmosphere for performers that potentially won't get too many other main event opportunities.

The typical caveats apply here - depending on the weather, different titles have meant different things to different brands over the years, so all variants of major titles (WWE, World and Universal) are counted.

ECW and other extraneous offerings such as that weren't considered for it - why give a toss when WWE so rarely asked us to - but otherwise, they're all here. For better, and worse...


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