Ranking Every TNA/Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion From Worst To Best

Making An Impact or Crossing The Line - the strangest lineage in modern wrestling history explored.

Impact Wrestling

These lists always require a few caveats, but here's some extra clarification considering the nature of the promotion under the spotlight:

- All champions since the beginning of NWA: TNA in 2002 through to the titleholder crowned at Impact's recent Slammiversary XVIII will be counted. NWA Champions will feature until TNA's split from the Alliance in 2007, as will the Global Force Wrestling Champions during the 2017 unification between GFW and Impact.

- "Worst To Best" is subjective. Always was and always will be on any list unless stated otherwise. If this was about drawing power, you'd have a long list tied on none with a couple of successful outliers making up the rest of the field. If it was about numbers of reigns, Jeff Jarrett would be sharing a spot with Kurt Angle despite the former booking the show around himself to its detriment and the latter being one of the only WWE escapees to actually bring buzz to the company.

- Jeff Hardy won't be penalised for those hideously ugly personalised belts.

With all of the function out of the way, let's get to the fun...

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