Ranking Every TNA Wrestler's Success In WWE

The well-trodden path.

Xavier Woods Consequences Creed TNA
Impact Wrestling

Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud last week became the latest in a long line of TNA stars to appear on WWE TV.

And while working for Vince McMahon is usually great news for your bank balance, this jump is not without risk. Leaving behind the Impact Zone means swapping an environment in which your skills are appreciated for one where you have everything to prove.

As many wrestlers before the pair have found out, it's not always easy to acclimatise to the demands of the world's number one wrestling promotion. Ability in the ring is suddenly no longer enough in and of itself, with microphone skills and an intangible "it" factor taking on greater significance.

The good news for EC3 and co. is that an increasing amount (though not all) of WWE's Impact acquisitions have flourished in their new workplace, many of them establishing themselves among the company's most popular performers, helped - not hindered - by their experiences in TNA's six-sided ring.

But which of them have done best?

(Note that this list won't literally feature every wrestler who has performed for both companies. Kurt Angle, Christian, et al - who already reached the very top of WWE the first time round - aren't included. Ditto the likes of CM Punk, who was only in TNA about a minute.)

16. Chris Harris (Braden Walker)

Xavier Woods Consequences Creed TNA

One thing that you have to admit about Chris Harris - known in WWE as Braden Walker - is that his legacy has endured an impressive number of years, despite his only being a part of the main roster for a couple of months.

Unfortunately, those couple of months were spent on ECW, a brand with few success stories (CM Punk and Kofi Kingston were perhaps the only ones) when it came to its ostensible purpose of providing a launchpad for future Raw and SmackDown stars.

Couple his dreadful attire - he wore a singlet, which doesn't really work unless you have rippling muscles -with the fact that he was made to tell a "knock, knock" joke in his very first segment alongside Alejandro Estrada, and things were never likely to go well.

It's a pity too, because anyone who saw Chris Harris in the Impact Zone will know that he had far more to offer the world of professional wrestling. He went from being one of the industry's top tag teams - America's Most Wanted - to an internet meme in a matter of minutes.