Ranking Every WWE DOINK From Worst To Best

Send out the clowns...


The "WWE" qualifier is particularly important for the title of this piece.

For decades and perhaps even up until the very moment these words are being typed, somebody is doing their own Doink to make a few dollars from a gimmick that supposedly never drew.

The complex history of the Sports Entertainment clown is one mostly rooted in mockery of the time at which it was devised. An increasingly cartoonish World Wrestling Federation was all too comfortable a home for such a character, with critics noting how Vince McMahon's circus had been due one for a while anyway. What they missed - then noted in hindsight - was that as a psychopathic heel, the persona was inspired.

Performed with vile glee by Matt Bourne, it was as if an unpredictable sociopathic ex-wrestler had stumbled upon the green wig at the bottom of a bottle and found his calling. Cynical, evil and cruel, Doink had legs before the McMahon's comedic tastes cut them off entirely. As a babyface it was broken, and alongside Dink it was permanently destroyed, to the point where the person donning the paint might as well have been attending a New Generation fancy dress party.

But that’s the point of this - so many gave it a go that you could actually host said soiree without even needing to invite any other gimmicks. Not that all of them would be particularly welcome...

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