Ranking Every WWE In Your House From Worst To Best

Some absolute stinkers mixed with some stunning hidden gems...

"What is this, dad?"

Those were the honest words of an otherwise cheery young boy in 2018 when yours truly and a good friend fired up the WWE Network and chucked on an old In Your House pay-per-view. Said lad was allowed to stay up well past his bedtime, and had hoped for some wrasslin'-related hijinks. Instead, two old farts "treated him" to a night of retro action that clearly didn't go down well.

Maybe he'll change his tune now NXT has dipped into WWE's archives, reached for a mid-to-late-90s pay-per-view 'B' series and modernised it for the 2020s (which is absolutely terrifying to say). Oh yes, NXT's roster are guaranteed to produce some worthwhile fare, and they might even create the best In Your House show ever.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that wouldn't be a stretch - of the 27 events slapped with the In Your House branding, only a handful are truly essential. Others range from one-match wonders to atrociously-poor wastes of cash that people actually had to pay to watch.

This list ranks every single one from worst to best, and it refuses to pull any punches...


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