Ranking Every WWE Title Match At Royal Rumbles Worst To Best

30. Royal Rumble 2005 - JBL Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Big Show

The Rock CM Punk

One has to feel sorry for Kurt Angle here.

No matter how hard the Olympic Hero worked his ass off - and he absolutely did! - he was still stuck in the ring with the lumbering frames of Big Show and WWE Champion JBL.

Of course, this was in the midst of JBL's lengthy reign as the top dog on SmackDown, but that was a reign that only shined in-ring when a favourable stipulation or gimmick was at play. Here, even Angle couldn't steer the ship to create anything even passable, with this triple threat being dull and dour as Bradshaw hit the Clothesline From Hell on Kurt for the win following plentiful interference.

All three competitors would have vastly better Royal Rumble outings than this '05 disappointment, with Angle in particular at times having completely stolen the show with it comes to certain other Rumble Premium Live Events.

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