Ranking The Rock's WWE WrestleMania Matches From Worst To Best

9. Vs. The Big Show Vs. Mick Foley Vs. Triple H (WrestleMania 2000)

The Rock WrestleMania Hollywood Hogan John Cena

It’s hard to see how this match - and this ‘Mania - went so wrong. Here WWE had as good a roster as they’d ever have (though Austin was injured), and a rabid fanbase, and yet the year’s biggest show fell strangely flat.

Unsurprisingly for the era, overbooking was a major part of it. The match to close the show was a fatal four way with a quartet of major stars, and as though that wasn’t enough, each superstar had a McMahon in their corner, for no particular reason.

There are good bits to this match, with Foley, Rock, and HHH especially having enviable three way chemistry. Foley is the heart of the thing, but it comes to life in full once he’s given his marching orders and it comes down to Hunter vs. Rocky, an era-defining, long gestating rivalry.

In retrospect this singles match would have been by far the better main event. The quality of all involved cannot be denied, but for a messy, silly match with twists, turns, and betrayals, it’s remarkably dull.


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