Ranking The Undertaker’s Post-Streak WWE Matches From Worst To Best

Even without The Streak, The Deadman lives...


The Undertaker is, without a doubt, the greatest superstar in the history of WrestleMania. Not only did he once hold an unprecedented record of 21 consecutive victories at the marquee event, he is also responsible for some of the greatest matches in its history. As a result, The Streak became an integral part of the 'Showcase Of The Immortals' with 'Taker annually returning to defend it in what was usually his only match of the year. However, after suffering his first 'Mania loss to Brock Lesnar, he was never quite the same.

Without The Streak to return for, the aged 'Phenom' has lacked purpose. In spite of that, he continues to make his presence felt on the WWE landscape and, although he has teased retirement on multiple occasions, he doesn't appear to be heading off into the sunset quite yet.

While an Undertaker return is always a welcome sight that reminds us of the good old days, the unfortunate part is that the standard of his matches have rarely returned to their former glory. There was once a time when a 30-minute Undertaker battle was considered an all-time classic, but now they're just a painfully long bouts that are often hard to sit through.

Having said that, he has risen to the challenge on a number of occasions...


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