Ranking What Was Really The Best Wrestling Debut Every Year 1990-2021

31. 1991 - Ric Flair

Undertaker CM Punk

Fantastic. Just fantastic.

The WWF was fantastic in 1991, its most underrated year ever when it wasn't as sleazy as it ever had been, and Ric Flair made an iconic, shock debut as it drew to a close.

He was given the literal red carpet treatment on Prime Time Wrestling as his financial adviser Bobby Heenan nailed the transgressive accuracy of the character. Flair was the "Real World's Heavyweight Champion" who reigned supreme atop "this great sport". Heenan was on great form. "It's not like Hulk Hogan is coming out," he opined as Flair walked across the stage.

Flair was more muted than he was as a Horsemen in '86 - to sublime effect. He was the composed, assured picture of pro wrestling genius in the heightened world of sports entertainment.

This use of contrast was as impeccable as his robe.

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