Real Reason Austin Theory Hasn't Been On WWE TV Lately

Theory hasn't wrestled since 26 June.

Austin Theory

Austin Theory has been missing from WWE RAW as the 23-year-old is currently serving an "unannounced suspension" from the promotion.

Here's what the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer had to say when asked about the matter:-


Theory hasn't appeared on WWE television since the 26 June episode of Main Event, on which he and Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander and Ricochet. He had previously been absorbed into Seth Rollins' faction after being kicked to the kerb by previous allies Andrade and Angel Garza, alongside whom the hot-shotted former NXT wrestler had been called up prior to WrestleMania 36, where he competed for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

There's currently no word on the reason behind the suspension.


Theory's name was one of dozens brought up during the #SpeakingOut movement's peak in June, with serious allegations levelled against the wrestler by a female fan, corroborated by one of her friends. Theory did not respond or react publically to the accusations.

Austin has only been wrestling since May 2016. Gabe Sapolsky's World Wrestling Network group brought him in after just three months on the indie circuit, leading eventually to his WWE assimilation. Theory signed a multi-year WWE deal in August 2019.

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