Real Reason Behind WWE's Most Recent Releases

Even more details on why exactly WWE axed 13 more names last week.

Mercedes Martinez NXT

With it now a week since WWE's most recent round of mass releases, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has a further update on why exactly the talent involved in those cuts were let go.

As per the Observer, the simple fact of the matter is that WWE management - as in Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and Bruce Prichard - just didn't see the 13 cut names as ever being a part of the main roster. With them not seen as potential main roster names, it was deemed pointless to keep these 13 under contract.

The 13 names let go last Friday by WWE were Bronson Reed, Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish, Leon Ruff, Jake Atlas, Ari Sterling, Tyler Rust, Desmond Troy, Kona Reeves, Zecharian Smith, Asher Hale, Giant Zanjeer and referee Stephon Smith.


Of course, the biggest shock of last week's news was that former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed was axed. Prior to his release, the Thicc Boy had been working dark matches ahead of Raw and SmackDown, with the belief that he was imminently moving to the main roster. Instead, WWE had a change of mind and surprisingly released Reed.

Since these cuts, we've heard how WWE is shaking up NXT by having the brand be more of an outright developmental system for younger, bigger, greener talents.

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