Real Reason FTR Didn't Appear At The Wrld On GCW

The Briscoes' open challenge led to speculation on AEW's FTR showing up in GCW, but...


Despite fan-created speculation on FTR appearing at last Sunday's The Wrld On GCW show, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler were never booked for the event.

Rumours that the duo would show up in Hammerstein Ballroom started swirling when it was announced that The Briscoes would defend their GCW Tag Team Titles in an open challenge. This stemmed largely from an angle shot at ROH Final Battle last month, when the two tandems brawled.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has now confirmed that Dax and Cash never factored into the open challenge. GCW didn't book them, so the speculation, while understandable, was just that. Speculation.


Instead of FTR, deathmatch legends Nick Gage and Matt Tremont returned to the company for the main event, taking the straps from Jay and Mark Briscoe in a big, crowd-pleasing moment. An appropriate piece of booking to close the biggest show in Game Changer Wrestling history.

Although the two teams are still taking kayfabe shots at each other on social media, there is yet to be a true follow up to The Briscoes and FTR's ROH brawl. Whether or not that'll take place in AEW, ROH, or somewhere else remains to be seen.

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