Real Reason Goldberg Returned On WWE Raw

Here's exactly why Goldberg returned on last night's Raw - and why he targeted Bobby Lashley.

Goldberg Gage

It's Saudi money season in WWE - and that's why Goldberg is back on company television.

The WCW legend returned to the fold on last night's Raw, setting his sights on SummerSlam 2021 opponent Bobby Lashley as revenge for the former WWE Champion putting his son, Gage, in the Hurt Lock on the 21 August pay-per-view. Per PWInsider's Mike Johnson, this was step one in building to Lashley vs. Goldberg II at Crown Jewel on 21 October.

Crown Jewel 2021 will be WWE's first pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia since Super Show-Down 2020 last February. The COVID-19 pandemic and its myriad travel restrictions had prevented WWE from fulfilling its relationship with the Saudi General Sport Authority since then, though they return to Riyadh next month, presenting the latest event in a controversial deal that sees Vince McMahon's promotion working directly with the country's brutal leadership.


Gage Goldberg became part of his father's storyline with Lashley prior to SummerSlam. Involved in a ringside confrontation with MVP and Bobby on an episode of Raw, he went one step further at the pay-per-view, leaping upon Lashley to protect his father before getting put to sleep via Hurt Lock.

Goldberg Sr., meanwhile, has been off television since 29 August, when he claimed he was stepping away for knee surgery before coming back for Lashley.

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