Real Reason Luke Harper Failed In WWE

Vince McMahon was happy to let Harper leave last month.

Luke Harper

Before Luke Harper finally decided to cut his losses and kiss goodbye to WWE, rumours were regularly doing the rounds that he was not exactly popular with someone in upper management.

That person?

Well, according to Dave Meltzer, it was none other than the big boss himself, Vince McMahon.

One of Meltzer's many WWE sources revealed to him recently that the Chairman didn't see anything special in Harper whilst he was on the WWE roster. Meltzer's source even went on to claim that Harper did the right thing in moving on.

Harper had endured a torrid time and became one of the most under-utilised players available to the company throughout his run as a Wyatt Family member, a singles performer and most recently his various partnerships with Erick Rowan.

When a WWE insider is openly admitting that Harper made the right choice in moving on to pastures new, that should tell you all you need to know about his chances of success inside of the company - if he'd chosen to be patient and stick around.

It's widely expected that Harper will complete for AEW after his 90 day no compete clause is up - under his old guise of 'Brodie Lee' =, which he has been referring to himself as since his WWE departure.

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