Real Reason Sarray Has Vanished From WWE NXT

Here's why you haven't seen Sarray in NXT 2.0 since November...

Sarray NXT

Conspicuous by her absence on recent episodes of WWE NXT 2.0 has been Sarray, whose last appearance was a 9 November defeat to former NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray.

The reason for the Japanese star's absence is simple: she had returned to her homeland for a month.

Sarray tweeted the following on 13 November, dealing she was taking some time away:-

Sarray is back in Japan. But don't worry I'll be back soon. Thank you everyone for your patience. #WWENXT

Then, over the past weekend, she updated fans with the following (as translated by Google):-

I got a lot of power surrounded by my Japanese family, friends, and loved ones for the first time in 9 months. Life shines because I dream... Return to America! !! I will go ...

Sarray has technically been on WWE's books since announcing she had signed a contract with the market-leading promotion in February 2020, though her arrival was held-up by the COVID-19 pandemic's onset. Finally moving to the United States, she debuted on NXT television the following March, embarking on an undefeated streak that lasted until 10 August, when she fell to Dakota Kai.

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