Real Reason Seth Rollins Didn't Wrestle On WWE Raw

The recently-turned heel Beastslayer broke his little finger over the weekend.

Having been spotted sporting some protective tape on his fingers last night, it’s believed that Seth Rollins recently suffered a finger injury.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Rollins broke his little finger during a Street Fight against Erick Rowan on this past Sunday’s Augusta, Georgia house show. This was the main reason why his planned match against Cedric Alexander didn’t take place on Raw last night.

Moving forward, WWE has yet to officially announce Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens for Sunday’s TLC PPV, and that match is currently being held off on while Seth’s injury heals. Of course, this burgeoning feud is only in its infancy, so there’s no harm in holding off on any such TLC bout if The Architect is dealing with some discomfort – even if the multiple-time World Champion has been medically cleared by WWE doctors.


After several months of negative crowd reactions, WWE finally pulled the trigger on the heel turn of Seth Rollins on last night’s outing for the red brand. Being revealed to be in cahoots with The Authors of Pain, Seth sent KO to the hospital before declaring how his change of character was down to his actions never being good enough for the WWE Universe.

With Universal Champion Brock Lesnar not expected back on WWE programming until the Royal Rumble or beyond, Rollins vs. Owens is the rivalry that will be headlining the Raw brand for the next few months.

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