Real Reason Triple H Brought Karrion Kross Back To WWE

Here's why WWE may have thrown Karrion Kross into the Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns story.

Karrion Kross Triple H

Karrion Kross returned to WWE during last week's SmackDown, attacking Drew McIntyre in his first appearance for the market leaders since being released nine months ago.

The angle came at the end of the show. Roman Reigns and The Bloodline were in the ring, addressing Reigns' impending Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match with McIntyre at Clash at the Castle (3 September), when Drew inevitably interrupted. Kross' music hit a few moments later. His valet, Scarlett, distracted the world title rivals, allowing Kross to bludgeon Drew from behind, neutralising him before Karrion and Scarlett placed their trademark hourglass on the mat.

This appeared to introduce Kross as a third player in what looks like the Clash at the Castle main event program, though the contest is still being billed as a singles match.


Nonetheless, this move may have been a product of a USA Network push for a top WWE championship to be featured more prominently on Raw. This hasn't been the case since WrestleMania 38, when the SmackDown-assigned Reigns took the WWE Title from Brock Lesnar, unifying it with the Undisputed Championship and removing it from the Raw rotation.

Per Fightful Select, USA Network (who broadcast Raw every Monday) had pitched an interim championship, though there's no word on whether or not WWE took that idea seriously. Nonetheless, the network wants a top strap on Raw again.


Fightful note an internal WWE pitch for Kross to be inserted in the McIntyre/Reigns rivalry, leading to a match for one of Roman's straps rather than the combined Undisputed belt. For now, nothing is set in stone - and plans are subject to change.

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