Real Reason WWE Banned The Buckle Bomb

The risk isn't worth the reward.

Buckle Bomb Nia Jax

The Wrestling Observer revealed this week that WWE decided to ban the buckle bomb due to the backlash they received after Nia Jax performed the move on Kairi Sane a few weeks ago.

For years there have been calls to ban the buckle bomb, with stars such as Finn Balor and Sting both going down injured after taking the move in the past.

Now it appears the move has been officially retired due to the online criticism WWE received after Jax's rendition of the move on Sane backfired on a recent episode of Monday Night Raw.


Sane managed to escape that particular move without injury - though she was then injured in a later bout with Jax - but the company soon decided that the risk wasn't worth the reward when the move was used. WWE also feel that there's a dangerous chance of bad neck whiplash due to not being in control whenever the receiver is being thrown through the air.

Seth Rollins is also a frequent user of the move and he is no stranger to having a move banned, as his Curb Stomp was retired for a spell before eventually being reinstated.


Could we see the buckle bomb return one day?

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