Real Reason WWE Pulled Mustafa Ali & Theory From This Week's Raw

Real reason WWE's United States Title scene wasn't represented on Raw this Monday.

Mustafa Ali

Time constraints meant WWE's United States Title scene wasn't represented on this week's episode of Raw.

Per Fightful Select, the promotion ended up cancelling a segment featuring champion Theory and Mustafa Ali prior to the broadcast. This was a timing issue, though no specific reason has been provided - and the promotion didn't end up making alternative plans for Ali.

Theory, meanwhile, was discussed as somebody who could potentially help Seth Rollins in his beatdown of Cody Rhodes elsewhere on the show, though this did not come to pass.


Despite not featuring on this week's show, WWE intends to keep Ali's ongoing feud with The Miz moving forward. Miz ended up wrestling Rhodes on the show, losing via disqualification.

Ali has been wrestling for Theory's United States Championship on recent WWE house shows, losing to the secondary title-holder in Canton, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana this past weekend. Wins have been hard to come by since Mustafa returned to television in April, having attempted to engineer his WWE exit months prior, with the former 205 Live man going 1-3 since becoming a Raw regular once more.


WWE is yet to set a date for Miz and Ali's first singles match.

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